Zimbabwe Accused Of Raping Female Indian Cricketer

Harare:  Indian cricketer arrested in Zimbabwe over alleged rape of a woman and the Indian Ambassador to expedite efforts to save the player.

According to Zimbabwean media, the Indian cricket team when faced defeat in the first match of her ODI series where time travel is in Harare to Zimbabwe after the match bnadala hit Indian cricket raping the local women at the hotel.Harare police, according to law, a woman can not reveal the name of the raped player, but he confirmed that a local woman in the hotel lobby while intoxicated were raped by Indian cricketer.

According to the hotel to save the Indian ambassador player where he earlier to save the player to abuse and make him give names begin breaking head to hide when he raped a woman likely to be displayed drugs are given, but the police have started investigations about.

He said the Indian Cricket Board says 2 Indians accused of abuse when there is no truth in the allegations of rape in Zimbabwe and has been arrested by an Indian player has been arrested, but they are not players .

The first match of the ODI series on Tuesday Zimbabwe had defeated India by 171 runs to win, was the target of the team in 2 runs.