How to apply eyeliner? A Complete Guide for beginners

Do you want to give some shapes to your eyes ? or make them bigger to hang out with your friends. If your answer to this simple question is yes then you must have to read this entire article. Everyone wants to know about the basic makeup to do at home and save money instead of going to someone expert. How to apply eyeliner? A Complete Guide for beginners

There are many aspects of makeup people usually do while going outside or for parties at home. Like, use lipstick, foundation, simple eyeliner, eyeliner stickers etc are the different aspects of basic makeup which anyone can do at home.

So here we are talking to the beginners about “How to apply eyeliner at home?. Not only we will discuss the applying of eyeliners but we will also talk about the types of eyeliners and many other things. Doing for the first time could be difficult for you but you have to do practice and practice for a better result. You have also take care of your eyes while applying eyeliner because you could get some infection on your eyes.

Before going Deeper into the article we need the following things:

  • Eyeliner (Liquid, Pencil or Cream)
  • Brush

Type of eyeliner and How to apply them?

so Here we start with the types of Eyeliner that you usually see on internet and at markets also. These eyeliners are commonly used in daily life. Most people don’t use that how can you apply these eyeliners to your eyes? without any infection.  You know that it’s too much essential for you to keep your eyes from infection.


Pencil eyeliner  

We are going to take a start with Pencil eyeliner which is quite easy to apply on easy without spreads on your skin. It is one of the most liked eyeliners which give a smooth look for wedding and home parties. You have always to start from the top lid then slowly come to the bottom and cover other sides of your eye. Make sure that the tip should not be hard because it will give you some hard while people usually used pencil eyeliner for the soft & smooth look.

Liquid Eyeliner 

The Second most common eyeliner that comes in our list is Liquid eyeliner. It is mostly used for parties like Halloween party etc. Liquid eyeliner always gives a dark and hard look and it is not smooth like a pencil. It has the same steps as the pencil eyeliner has but we also use the pencil in this case. You have to draw a line from the top lid then similarly come to the bottom and other sides of your eye. Then you have to fill these fill lines with your liquid eyeliner and leave it for a while to dry.

Final Words 

These are the most popular two ways of eyeliner, actually, it’s instructions for beginners to how they can apply eyeliner at home by their self. We are again saying that do more practice before going to somewhere and take care while applying the eyeliner on your eyes, you could get an infection. Here we haven’t discussed the third cream eyeliner because it has the same way of applying as the liquid eyeliner has.

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