The jewelry you choose to wear reflects your personality. Depending on the context, you will adapt your jewelry to the image you want to give of yourself, jewels participating in the enhancement of your style and your personality.


But what jewelry to choose from? There is an almost infinite variety, of style, materials…

Here are some ideas to help you in your thinking. These tips will help you with a gift.

First advice, choose above all according to your tastes.


Start by defining what type of jewel you want and what to do. This will allow you to think effectively about the effects you want to produce; the image you want to give of yourself and therefore it will give you some tips for choosing the other criteria.

The questions to ask yourself:

– While choosing fashion jewelry in Pakistan you must ask yourself do you want fancy jewelry or fine jewelry (a choice that will depend on your budget?)

– For what context do you intend: your daily or your evenings that you can decline in office, leisure, weekend … an evening with friends or cocktail party … Indeed, depending on the context, the type of jewelry you want to wear will probably be different, for example, discreet during the day, in your professional activity, more spectacular for a gala evening (this is an example, your choice depends of course on your personality).

– What type of jewelry do you want to choose: ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings, finery…?


For small budgets, costume jewelry is needed. However,if you like jewelry, know that some silver jewelry and natural stones of good quality are sometimes available at very low prices. It’s up to you to find them.

For more precious jewelry, you can play on the weight of the stone, the type of stone (fine stone), and the metal.


It will depend on your style

You are unique, you deserve jewelry that looks like you and that you like. But which one?

If this jewel is for you, you know your tastes perfectly or it is time to affirm them! If it is a gift and you do not know the tastes of the recipient well, then investigate: study what the person wears, his style, his tastes, question his close friends, scrutinize his reactions in front of a window, exchange, without appearing, on his feelings (e) s in front of the new jewel of a friend (e) which produced its effect…

For expensive jewels, in particular, it would be a shame to wear them only very occasionally. Choose, if possible, a piece of jewelry that easily combines with many of your outfits. We advise you to avoid too original models for which weariness can develop over time and rather for a model that does not go out of fashion and remains timeless. Similarly, avoid models too bright, because a jewel is intended to highlight its carrier and not the other way around.

Choose a template on which you can bring a touch of personalization that you (if you are the recipient of the jewel) or who looks like it. Why buy standard jewelry as it is increasingly easy to access jewelry offers on which you can bring your personal touch and at the price of the standard. The jewel will be all the more appreciated and therefore worn.


A jewel should highlight you and not the other way around. In addition to your personal tastes, you can, if it seems interesting to you, take into account your morphology for the choice of the shape of your jewel and its colors.

Your morphology may affect the choice of the ring width, the shape of the stone, the design of the model, the color of the metal and possibly the stone. You can help with our advice on “How to choose a jewel according to its morphology?”

The choice of colors of your jewel

You can choose a color of jewelry and in particular of stone according to the color of your eyes for example.

But the choice of your color will also depend on its availability on the market.

For costume jewelry, the range of available colors can be infinite depending on the materials used and prices are very accessible.

For jewelry made of metal and natural or synthetic stones, there is the jewelry of any price, from the lowest, non-precious metal (brass, copper, plated) and synthetic stone to jewels jewelry gold and gemstone with intermediate silver and fine stones at higher prices see very expensive.