YouTuber Saad Ur Rahman Aka Ducky Bhai Engagement Pictures

Saad ur Rehman is a Well-known YouTuber. He is known by his name Ducky Bahi. Saad ur Rehman is his real name. He runs a channel on youTube. Ducky Bahi also runs an extra Gaming station. He Has million of subscribers on his gaming YouTube Channel. Recently, The well-known YouTuber Ducky Bahi got engaged.

Ducky Bahi Engagment Pictures with Other You Tubers

His wife name is Arooba Jatoi. She also Posted about her Nikkah and Praised Allah for his blessing. At the Engagement Ceremony of Dukey Bahi, You Tubers Like Zaid Ali, Shaver Jaffery, Romaisa Khan, and many other you Tubers were present. Ducky Bahi posted his engagement pics on Social media. Here we are sharing some beautiful pics of Saad ur Rehman’s Engagement ceremony.

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Usman Sarwar