A handcrafted establishment

Etsy was establish in June 2005 in a habitation in Brooklyn, New York to fill a craving for an online society where crafters, artists and maker could sell their handmade and traditional goods and craft supplies. A handcrafted establishment are the most used in cultural means all over the world.

In the spirit of handmade, organizer Rob Kalin and two friends planned the first site, wrote the code, assemble the servers and splice the cables to get Etsy up and running. In 2008, Chad Dickerson joined Etsy as its primary CTO, and created the company’s opening engineering culture, treat “Code as Craft”.

Chad became CEO in 2011 and began champion the “reimagination of commerce,” a change of every aspect of how supplies are made, bought and sold.

Under Chad’s leadership, the website that began in an residence in Brooklyn has evolved into a stylish technology platform that connects Etsy sellers and buyers across borders, languages and devices, a company that span the globe and a production that is committed to creating permanent change in the world.

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