So Kamal Winter Stole- Scarves Catalog 2016

I am now with So Kamal Winter Stole- Scarves Catalog 2016 best design collection you desire ever from afashionz. So Kamal has dispatched amazing and in vogue fleece stole scarves beautiful collection 2016 for ladies. These fleece scarves-stole 2016 by So Kamal are presently accessible on the web. Do you know the difference between scarf and stole

Stole is a thin down products, mainly openwork knit which has a rectangular shape with dimensions of not less than half a meter in width and two meters in length, often with a presence around the perimeter of a variety of patterns. It can be used as a cloak, scarf, or as an elegant headdress. The color range is diverse. There are diverse styles stoles in So Kamal winter best scarves-stoles catalog of design for winter 2016.

You will discover these stole-scarves in diverse hues and surfaces. Acrylic and fleece stole-scarves are introduced in So Kamal winter Stole-scarves collection 2016. This item of clothing became fashionable in France about 1676, when Elizabeth Charlotte of the Palatinate (Liselotte), the wife of Philip I of Orleans The cost of fleece stole Scarves is 1250 PKR and acrylic stole-scarves cost is 750 Rs for girls.

Ladies can wear them with eastern women garments and western women material both. How about we see them. So Kamal Winter Stole-Scarves Collection 2016 for girls wear. You will love So Kamal Winter Stole- Scarves Catalog 2016 dresses for women. See the pictures gallery here…

Online Winter Stole- Scarves 2016 by So Kamal